Standard 6

Physical education teacher candidates demonstrate dispositions essential to becoming effective professionals.

Sample from DJ Bevivino

Artifact: SUNY Cortland Mini Conference
Element: 6.2
Date: Fall 2008

Reflection: There are two pieces to this artifact.  One is the mini conference time table and events list, and the second is my hand out from the mini conference.  I have chosen to include this because during my time block I had roughly 40-50 people attending my lecture.  There were SUNY Cortland faculty/students, student teachers, and professionals in the work place.  I was approached by many of the said attendees, with praise and questions on how to implement this lesson into their curriculum.  I have been approached and asked to present this lesson at next years state conference.

Sample from Heather Ausiello

I was given the opportunity to attend an AAHPERD national conference in Tampa, Florida. While being in Tampa is was an eye opener to me but an experience I will never forget. I first went on the trip knowing two people, now I can walk away and say I know twenty people and we have all bonded together and shared the whole experience together. I also realized that I should wear my Cortland Red Dragon logo proudly. I remember walking around the convention center and being stopped by everyone and them saying you go to Cortland what a great program. I didn’t realize how well known Cortland was, and makes me want to work that much harder to keep Cortland standards high. 

Being only a junior and a shy and easily intimated person I didn’t have the courage to go up to other people in the exhibition lounge and talk to them but I watched my fellow peers, and the actions they took to continue on with their education. I learned a lot from my older peers and to be more confident in myself and networking is important in this line of business. My father always told me to become a teacher it wasn’t until I actually got into the classroom where I learned that I am doing something that I really loved. At the conference I was complete interested in all the sessions I attended and I knew from that moment I was going to be happy waking up every morning going into a classroom of students and teach them something I love. While at the conference I tried to attend session dealing with female athletes. It has always been a dream of mine to be the next Pat Summit, and know I need to start taking strides to get there. I want to share my love for the game with other athletes and keep them physical active for life.

At the convention I was also able to take part in Professor Yang’s presentation of exergames. It was a complete honor to be apart of his presentation. I was able to talk to professional and show them how technology can be used in the classroom. One of my favorite exergames is stepping while playing a video game. Once you stop stepping the video game stops playing, and quite a work out that is from experience. Overall, I learned a tremendous amount on this trip and has given me a whole new perspective on my future. I highly recommend all Physical Education Majors to attend a AAHPERD conference and they can walk away learning more then what they came with.

Sample from Brandon Herwick
Brandon has been on the President's List every semester thus far in his college career. Brandon is also a Resident Assistant and was in the paper several times this semester for his positive contributions to the school and community. One particular article talks about Brandon's R.A. responsibilities and his involvement in volunteer work.  Brandon recently received the NASPE Major of the Year award for SUNY Cortland at the 2010 AAHPERD Convention and the 2010 State University of New York Chancellor's Awards for Student Excellence.

Sample from Jack Murphy
As a member of the SUNY Cortland Physical Education Majors' Club, Jack regularly participates in volunteer activities intended to benefit children and make them better physically educated individuals. He assists in organizing and participating in Cortland YMCA Teen Nights and other activities through the clubs. He also assists in migrant worker workshops in order to introduce physical activity as a way around language barriers and to bring children and their parents together through physical activity.

Sample from Nick Mangan
Throughout the Spring '09 semester, Nick was asked to complete 10 hours of community service for his PED 255 class. Nick went above and beyond the 10 hours. He was awarded the Power of 10 award for doing at least 10 hours of community service in the Cortland community in memory of the Virginia Tech students who lost their lives in April 2007. Most of Nick's volunteer work was teaching various forms of physical activity to the Cortland Youth or his fellow students at SUNY Cortland. Nick started to realize that he enjoyed volunteering because he was interacting with others and also benefiting from the practice he was gaining in teaching others physical activity.

In addition to his volunteer work for his own enjoyment, Nick has taken his education with a professional attitude. He has been on the president's list, a member of the top 5% of his class and most recently received the Senior Academic Achievement Award from the Alumni Association presented to the top 5 seniors in the School ofProfessional Studies at SUNY Cortland.