Professional Development

 Being involved with professional groups, attending and presenting at conferences and networking with different research groups, manufacturers and game companies is crucial to my career path and it is something I take seriously.
I believe it's important to be professionally accessible and I do so by being involved in many groups. I organized the 3rd Annual ExerGame Workshop at 2010 AAHPERD for AAPAR (on top of being AAPAR's Exergaming Brain Trust whose job it is to field media and information requests), organized an ExerGame Expo  here at SUNY Cortland which had executives from 3 different game companies; co-chaired for the 2010 Games For Health Conference; and a reviewer for a book, and journal in the area of games. I have also been asked to speak at several international events including the Game Developers ConferenceNational Center for Technology InnovationKorean Serious Games Festival. and the Health Promotion Conference. In recognition for my knowledge and expertise, I was recently appointed to the Board of Advisors of Exergame Fitness, I'm a founding member of the ExerGame Network (TEN), and I've been interviewed by the press on radio (Into Tomorrow), newspaper (USA Today), online magazine (Chicago Tribune), print magazine (Oprah), and video.

As I continue on my journey to help our students "Guide and inspire youngsters in the process of becoming physically educated and healthy for a lifetime", I am inspired by our faculty and students’  passion to pursue those same goals.